OREANDA-NEWS.  June 05, 2013. According to the State Tax Inspection, this service will allow reporting the tax accounts online. The service E-declaration is free of charge for economic agents paying for VAT and for individuals.

However, those economic agents not paying for VAT will have to pay for the service. They can chose two packages of services: OPTIM set for MDL 555 per year and OPTIM SET flash for MDL 755 per year. Such service prices as attestation of signature, individual training, rendering the technical support for clients in office or at home are also changed. At the moment, more than 25 thousand economic agents paying for VAT are using the service as well as more than 300 economic agents not paying for VAT are.

Those not paying for VAT do not have to use E-declaration according to the law, but they do use it, because the service is safe, convenient, fast, and it works 7 days per week. Another advantage is that no one has to go to the State Tax Inspection and spend money on gas or public transport. The service is also eco-friendly, because it saves paper and inks.

Initially, the number of economic agents not paying for VAT was bigger, but they shifted to those paying for VAT and began using E-declaration for free. The State Tax Inspection mentions that many companies not paying for VAT prefer using E-declaration in order to optimize the accounting activity.