OREANDA-NEWS. June 10, 2013. Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov has held a Cabinet meeting on the implementation of the program of development of chemical industry within the framework of the State Program of Forced Industrial Innovative Development.

The keynote speaker was Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Industry and New Technologies A.Issekeshev. Deputy Chairman of the National Welfare Fund "Samruk-Kazyna" D.Yerdebai, Vice President (Oil & Gas) at JURONG Consultants Tan Wooi Leong, General Director of LLC "Kazphosphate" M.Iskandirov spoke on the development of the industry as well.

Summing up the discussion, the Prime Minister noted progress achieved during the implementation of the sectoral program. "The volume of production and export of chemical products increased twice. We open new businesses, produce new kinds of products, create jobs. Labor productivity and capital investment grow," Akhmetov said.

All the necessary conditions were created for the development of the chemical industry. The Prime Minister called it "a priority for the Government."

According to him, "by 2020 a dynamically developing chemical industry will give synergy to other sectors, including small and medium businesses."

Serik Akhmetov instructed the authorized bodies to continue work on the implementation of the sectoral program.

"Taking into account the integration process it is important to take measures to protect the interests of domestic producers and promote chemical products to foreign markets. It is also needed to take steps to provide the industry with qualified personnel," the Prime Minister instructed.

Along with this, the Premier said that the Head of State approved the concept on the transition to "green" economy.

"Its basic principles are aimed at optimizing the use of natural resources, efficient management of the ecosystem, widespread introduction of "clean" technologies, development of renewable energy sources, as well as formation of ecological culture of the population.

For the successful implementation of the concept an appropriate action plan is needed. I instruct the Ministry of Environment to develop it within two weeks and submit for approval to the Government," the Prime Minister concluded.