OREANDA-NEWS. BM&FBOVESPA had an all-time record of 209,974 trades in the BM&F segment yesterday. The previous record was 199,867 trades, on May 22, 2013.

There was also a record 26,571 trades yesterday in the Interbank Deposit Futures Contract (DI1). The previous record was 24,003 trades on June 06, 2013.

BM&FBOVESPA, in full, Bolsa de Valores, Mercadorias & Futuros de Sao Paulo) is a stock exchange located at Sao Paulo, Brazil. As of December 31, 2011 it had a market capitalization of USD 1.22 Trillion, making it in the 8th largest stock exchange in the world. On May 8, 2008, the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa) and the Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange (BM&F) merged, creating BM&FBOVESPA. The benchmark indicator of BM&FBOVESPA is the Нndice Bovespa. There were 381 companies traded at Bovespa as of April 30, 2008. BM&FBOVESPA has offices in New York, Shanghai and London.