OREANDA-NEWS. Mercedes-Benz Cars achieved a new record for unit sales in the second quarter of 2013. Total sales of the car division increased by 9% to 404,700 units (Q2 2012: 370,400), and second-quarter revenue increased by 6% to EUR 16.3 billion.

The division achieved EBIT of EUR 1,041 million, which is below the prior-year level (Q2 2012: EUR 1,337 million), and a return on sales of 6.4% (Q2 2012: 8.7%).

The development of earnings primarily reflects the ongoing growth in unit sales, especially in the United States and Western Europe. Mercedes-Benz Cars achieved high growth rates above all in the compact-car segment. Exchange-rate effects also had a positive impact on earnings. Among other things, the changed model mix had a negative effect on earnings.

The decrease in earnings was additionally caused in particular by expenses connected with product enhancements and to increase production capacities, as well as advance expenditure for new technologies and vehicles. To a growing extent, efficiency actions from the “Fit for Leadership” program had a positive impact on earnings.