OREANDA-NEWS. Yet another milestone in introduction of fuel efficient technologies for diesel engines has been achieved with Indian Railways manufacturing the first multi-genset locomotive in India. With this initiative, multi-genset locomotives to usher in new era of emissions compliant locomotives on Indian Railways

 Indian Railways have undertaken development of prototype multi-genset locomotives in the medium horse power range with 3 gensets of 800 Horsed Power (HP) each amounting to a gross HP of 2400. The trial of first multi-genset locomotive is already undergoing as a pilot project at Itarsi of Bhopal Division in West Central Railway.

 Multi-genset locomotives employ a novel concept that involves use of two or more small engines as compared to a single large engine in conventional locomotives. Multiple small engines work only when there is power demand; i.e. for higher power demand all the 3 engines work and the lower power demand may be met by a single engine. These locos promise to reduce the fuel consumption by about 20 per cent for delivering the same power. As a result the resultant NOx emissions will be far less and these locos will have a smaller carbon footprint

 At present, there are over 500 multi-genset locomotives in the USA in the medium HP range and M/s Bombardier has an order or manufacturing 200 multi-genset locomotives for the German state Railways.