OREANDA-NEWS. Mining Machines, a leader of the heavy engineering market, has announced its rebranding to establish a well-recognized name and mirror the company's new philosophy - a customer-focused approach. The company, renamed as Corum (with the stress on the first syllable), is going to fully rebrand its corporate identity.

This is another step in the implementation of the company's strategy to build a long-term relationship with the key clients, as the company seeks to become their reliable partner, integrated in business and sharing responsibility for the ultimate result.

The new logo focuses on the company's core business - integrated solutions for mining business - and reflects a drive for results, innovations and efficiency. The new corporate identity has two colours, grey and orange. Grey stands for reliability and high standards of quality, while orange means energy, progress and open-mindedness.

The new brand Corum will apply to all elements of the corporate identity and the company's positioning to its key clients as early as this year.

Yevgeniy Romashchin, General Director of Corum Group: “Despite the fact that our products are well and long known in many countries of the world, we feel the need to transform the brand to get closer to our clients and understand them better. The new name reflects the idea of our business: Corum comes from an English world 'сore', as in 'Earth's core' and 'core competences'. It means that we're focused on providing integrated solutions to our clients working in mining business and seek to do it better than others, using our key competences - more than a century-old expertise, strong intellectual resources and the best managerial practices.”