OREANDA-NEWS. S7 Group Airlines - partners of Moscow Domodedovo Airport - operated the greatest number of flights without delays and won the punctuality contest following the results of November. Among the leaders, there are such companies as: Rossiya, Polet, Pskovavia, Lufthansa, Aegean Airlines, Austrian Airlines and NIKI.

Moscow Domodedovo Airport sums up the Most Punctual Airlines Contest on a monthly basis in eight categories - depending on frequency of flights and maximum take-off mass of aircraft. S7 Group airlines demonstrated the best performance in the first category as they operated 2,465 on-time flights. Rossiya became the winner in the second category - 201 flights without delays. Polet Company operated 252 punctual flights and became the winner in the third category. In November, Pskovavia operated 11 flights without delays and headed the fourth category of the contest.

Foreign airlines, partners of Domodedovo, contested in a separate group. Lufthansa became the most punctual airline in the fifth category - it operated 167 on-time flights. Austrian Airlines operated 84 dead-on-time flights and became the best airline in the sixth category. Leadership in the seventh and eighth categories went to NIKI (59 punctual flights) and Aegean Airlines (24 punctual flights), respectively.

In November 2013, all winners of the contest demonstrated steady growth in punctuality performance year-on-year, which is confirmed by the interest of air carriers in participating in the ranking of the most punctual airlines and their desire to maintain a high level of service.

As of early December 2013, 85 airlines operate flights to 239 domestic and international destinations from Domodedovo Airport, 85 out of which are unique for the Moscow Air Hub.