OREANDA-NEWS. December 18, 2013. Incheon International Airport Corporation held ‘9th South Korea Aviation Security Seminar’ aimed to develop and improve the aviation security in South Korea. The seminar was held in Aviation Training Center.

Aviation Security Seminar is the only aviation security-related general event which is annually held under the supervision of Incheon Airport Corporation since 2005. This year’s seminar gathered together more than 400 people from government, air transport businesses, academics, security equipment businesses and was composed of presentations and discussion panels providing opportunity to exchange the information about domestic and foreign aviation security-related policy trends, to seek for the measures to strengthen aviation security structure and other related topics.

In particular, this year’s seminar presentation topics were chosen via aviation security academic paper contest, which was held for 2 months since 26th of August by Incheon Airport Corporation. Therefore not only currently raising aviation security policies for responding measures on various security threats but also suggestions for development measures of aviation security management were paid attention to.

During the discussion panels composed of professionals from academic field, government and businesses presentation topics were analyzed, passionately discussed in terms of future implementation. And high-tech security eguipments including liguid explosive detection eguipment, full body scanners, etc were exhibited in event hall to raise the awareness of aviation security eguipment.

On the other hand, at the exhibition hall businessrelated representatives provided the detailed explanation of aviation security equipment functions and data and gave on opportunity to personally experience the operation of some of the equipment.