OREANDA-NEWS. Ilim Group successfully underwent a qualification audit confirming production compliance of cut size paper at the Koryazhma Mill in line with requirements set for International Paper brands. This event marked the beginning of production of cut size paper under the SvetoCopy brand by Ilim Group, an integral part of Joint Marketing Agreement between OJSC Ilim Group and International Paper. According to that the distribution and sales of all uncoated printing paper produced by Ilim Group's Mills are being managed by International Paper.

“This is a significant milestone in development of Ilim Group and the wider paper industry in Russia and the CIS” said Franz Josef Marx, Ilim Group CEO. “It's also great news for our customers now that we have the ability to produce SvetoCopy quality paper, a well-known brand and long-time favorite on the Russian marketplace”.

“The Ilim Group is a great example of a very successful US/Russia business partnership,” said Eric Chartrain, Vice-President European Papers and IP Russia President ad interim. “The new state-of-the-art facilities at Koryazhma and the Joint Marketing Agreement is a wonderful example of mutual trust and collaboration between two companies to better serve their customers” he added.