OREANDA-NEWS. March 26, 2014.  Our work means ongoing efforts to support fair pricing, destroy fraud schemes in the form of collusions between companies, particular, with the authorities, and defend the rights of business at Courts, pointed out the Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS Russia), Igor Artemiev, at an extended session of the Academic Council of the Institute of State and Law, Russian Academy of Sciences.

He informed representatives of the academic community about the work of the Antimonopoly Service, its plans and objectives for the near future and the long-term prospects.

54% of all violations are committed by regional and municipal authorities. Our entrepreneurs and especially representatives of small and medium business simply will not be able to survive, stated the Head of FAS.

He also discussed control over state procurement: In the past seven years the difference between the initial prices and final prices was 1,380 billion RUB. Without the procedures of No.44-FZ and No. 94-FZ Federal Laws, the budget would simple lose these funds.

Today we have a single web-site on procurement - zakupki.gov.ru that does not have analogues in the world, and another web-site - torgi.gov.ru that shows to the entire country what and where the state sells or leases, said the Head of Antimonopoly Service.

The Head of FAS pointed out that majority of cases are initiated upon complaints from small and medium business.

Igor Artemiev emphasized that FAS was able to defend around 80% of cases at Courts of the final instance. He outlined a number of significant judicial and antimonopoly processes that resulted in changing production relations across entire industries: an oil products exchange is formed, low-cost airlines appeared, the principle of technological neutrality is introduced in the communications sector, mobile slavery is abolished, price discrimination in supplying products in the metal industry is eliminated, etc. We also endeavour to change the situation on the pharmaceutical market. In the near future we shall publish a report that to a considerable extent reveals the reason for todays high drug prices in Russia, added Igor Artemiev.

He also talked about one of the most dangerous forms of organized crime cartels, and pointed out that in Russia collusions exist in all sectors of the economy.

The Head of FAS summed up that all of this determine the content of the forth antimonopoly package that is being considered by the Government of the Russian Federation The new amendments take a radical position on restricting state participation in economic activity and will decrease an administrative burden upon business.