OREANDA-NEWS. St. Petersburg Tractor Plant (a subsidiary of the Kirov Group) will supply a batch of road-building and special-purpose machinery to develop and service OJSC Surgutneftgaz oil and gas fields.

Throughout 2014, OJSC Surgutneftgaz will receive 32 special-purpose machines designed for road-building and cargo transportation in extreme climatic conditions. The machines will be used to develop and service fields in the Tyumen Region and Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District.

By the end of May, 22 machines will be shipped to the customer, including Kirovets K-702МBА-01-BKU bulldozers (intended for soil transfer during road building, backfill, excavation, clearing roads of snow and laying tracks in snowy off-road conditions) and Kirovets K-702МBА-UDM2 universal road-building machines (intended for loading and handling free-flowing and bulk materials).

In subsequent months, OJSC Surgutneftgaz will receive Kirovets K-3060 front-end loaders for loading/unloading and soil-moving operations, as well as Kirovets K-708 traction units, which are effective for cargo transport both in off-road conditions and on public roads.

The Kirov Group and OJSC Surgutneftgaz have been cooperating since the early 2000-s. The oil & gas producing company purchases dozens of different vehicles every year. The company also collaborates with the enterprise's design bureau. For instance, upon a special order of Surgutneftegas, St. Petersburg Tractor Plant developed and launched the batch production of the K-708-АС welding machine, being a special customized modification of the Kirovets tractor. Currently, the machine is being used extensively for installation of oil and gas transmission pipelines. OJSC Surgutneftegas was also directly involved during the development and testing of the Kirovets K-3060 loader.