OREANDA-NEWS. April 04, 2014. Approval of the corporate standards on public technological and price audit of the Company's investment projects.

The standards stipulates the content, procedure, results and reports of public technological and price audit of investment projects since 2014 in regard to facilities (with the value of over RUR 1.5 bln) planned for 2014.

Audit studies quality and fullness of data used for engineering, feasibility of technical solutions, conformity of solutions with current norms and standards of the Company as well as cutting-edge international technologies, list of technical solutions and typical connection schemes complying with best technologies, technical policy of the Company, current regulatory and industry recommendations.

Public technological and price audit is arranged by independent expert organizations engaged by procurement procedures. The audit ends in an expert opinion related to the expediency of investment implementation and efficiency of technical solutions in view of vital cycle of a project, conformity of project prices to market prices.