OREANDA-NEWS. Energijos tiekimas, the largest independent Lithuanian capital electricity supplier, will operate in foreign markets under the new name Geton Energy. The Lithuanian company shall keep its name Energijos tiekimas, although the names of the branch companies in Latvia and Estonia have been changed.

According to Algirdas Juozaponis, the chief executive of Energijos tiekimas, the new name, which is understood, recognized and remembered better outside Lithuania, will mark a new stage in their activities.

“Last year we were rather passive in foreign markets; but this year we have improved the team of our Latvian company, prepared products for our clients and have begun active sales. We will seek for competitive superiority in the Latvian market by being more flexible and dynamic than others and by focusing on the individual needs of our clients”, says the manager of the company. The clients of Geton Energy in Latvia as well as the clients of Energijos tiekimas in Lithuania will be able to choose a fixed pricing or pricing related to the price in the “Nord Pool Spot” power exchange.

According to A. Juozaponis, the strategy of the company in this market will not change, as the Latvian Parliament has postponed the final liberalization of the retail power market to the beginning of 2015. So far, Latvia will only focus on commercial consumers. The manager of the company believes that the proposals of the Energijos tiekimas group of companies will be attractive to clients operating in several Baltic States.

In Lithuania, Energijos tiekimas has been operating since the beginning of the liberalization of the retail power market and it currently has the largest number of clients - almost 6 thousand.