OREANDA-NEWS. Tata Steel registered hot metal and crude steel production of 9.90 million tonnes (up by 11.74 percent y-o-y) and 9.15 million tonnes (up by 12.55 percent y-o-y), respectively, in FY14. Saleable steel production was higher by 12.72 percent y-o-y at 8.95 million tonnes.

The key production and sales figures are given below:


FY 13 (in MnTPA)

FY 14 (in MnTPA)

% Increase

Hot metal



11.74 percent

Crude steel



12.55 percent

Saleable steel



12.72 percent

Major highlights

Cake cutting of annual performance celebrations by TV Narendran, managing director, Tata Steel; PN Singh, president, Tata Workers' Union; and Anand Sen, president, TQM and steel business, Tata steel

West Bokaro: Highest-ever clean coal production of 25.7 lakh tonnes at 15.55 percent ash against the previous best of 23.37 lakh tonnes at 14.37 percent ash in FY13.

Jharia: Highest-ever clean coal production of 10.80 lakh tonnes in the last five years.

OMQ: Highest-ever iron ore production and dispatch of 17.3 million tonnes against previous best of 15 million tonnes in FY13 (an increase of 15 percent).

Blast furnaces: Best-ever hot metal production of 9.90 million tonnes against 8.86 million tonnes in FY13.

Coke making: Best-ever coke production by HMC of 15.998 lakh tonnes against previous best of 15.997 lakh tonnes in FY13.

Agglomerate (sinter plant): Best-ever solid waste consumption at 131kg/t against previous best of 107 kg/t.

LD#1: Best-ever monthly billet production of 3.04 lakh tonnes in March 2014 against previous best of 2.93 lakh tonnes in March 2013

LD#3 & TSCR: Best ever production of HR coil at 2.18 million tonnes against previous best of 0.99 million tonnes in FY13.

Environment: Stack emission improved to 936 kg/hour from 1,142 kg/hour in FY13.

Awards and recognitions

Prime Minister's Trophy for the Best Integrated Steel Plant for the year 2010-11, and Certificate of Excellence for 2011-12.

CII - ITC Sustainability Prize for 2013.

Prime Minister's Shram Awards - awarded to 11 employees of Tata Steel.

Conferred with the prestigious 2013 Global MAKE Award for Knowledge Management.

Tata Tiscon selected as the only brand from the Indian steel industry as 'Asia's Most Promising Brand 2012-13' in a survey conducted by KPMG.

Community initiatives

Improving the quality of life of communities living in and around our operational areas has been fundamental to the business principles as envisioned by our Founder. It has been part of our work ethos for over a hundred years and will continue to remain so. In FY14, this commitment was further strengthened with the following initiatives:

Formation of a CSR advisory council to provide macro policy-level inputs to guide the company's approach towards CSR.

Seven skill development centres set up in partnership with renowned training institutes, 1,700 people trained.

Over 3.50 lakh people provided with primary health care services in operational areas.

More than 16,000 adults made functionally literate.

Livelihood opportunities provided to 3,000 farmers through agriculture development.

Solar street lights (1,900) installed in villages of Jharkhand and Odisha.

More than 10,000 youth taught tribal scripts of Ho, Santhali and Oraon languages.