OREANDA-NEWS. April 11, 2014. Anna Grishchenkova, head of the FBK dispute resolution practice, presented her synopsis on the topic of “Stimulating the civil activity through maintaining and improving the transparency and openness of the judicial system” at the Coordination Council under Chairman of the Federation Council on interaction with civil society institutions meeting on the subject of “Civil society initiatives in the implementation of the Russian Federation President’s Message provisions”.

In her presentation Anna Grishchenkova noted that the improved openness and transparency of judicial proceedings in the recent years resulted in the growth of people’s trust in the judicial system. In this connection she voiced the following suggestions on maintaining and improving the transparency of the judicial proceedings:

to provide the opportunity for citizens to participate in the qualifying commissions for dealing with complaints against judges;

to introduce the audio recording of all processes;

to consider the introduction of video recording of court hearings, including the Supreme court of the Russian Federation;

to maintain the electronic database of arbitration courts;

to unify the electronic databases of courts of arbitration and courts of general jurisdiction;

to involve the legal community in the development of regulations of the Supreme Court Plenum.