OREANDA-NEWS. First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) has published the consolidated financial statements of FUIB Banking Group (hereafter Group) under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). From 2013, the Group consists of PJSC “FUIB” and PJSC “BANK “RENAISSANCE CAPITAL”, 100% of equity capital in which FUIB acquired on 12 January 2013.

“Over 2013 the Group earned a half billion hryvnia net profit and demonstrated record efficiency, having improved its ROE and ROA. We attracted 19.2% more deposits and increased the loan portfolio by 14.8%, thus improving the ratio of our business volume to capital. Despite the complicated economic and political situation in the country, we ensure high quality service to all of our customers and remain one of the most reliable banks,” says Sergey Chernenko, Chairman of the Management Board of FUIB.

Over the year 2013 the Group demonstrated high efficiency, which is confirmed by its performance results.

Performance results of the Group as of 31 December 2013:

Profit before provisions and taxes at UAH 1 241.7 m (UAH 745.7 m in 2012);

Net profit at UAH 554.8 m (UAH 277.2 m in 2012);

Assets at UAH 32 158.7 m (UAH 28 003.5 m in 2012);

Loan portfolio at UAH 24 592.1 m (UAH 21 416.8 m for 2012);

Customer accounts at UAH 21 067.6 (UAH 17 680.8 m in 2012);

Equity at UAH 5 571.5 m (UAH 5 324.8 m for 2012).