OREANDA-NEWS.  April 16, 2014. For your convenience we continue to expand the network of cash-in terminals through which you can pay for required services (utilities, mobile connection, internet and so on) as well as replenish your settlement/card accounts or replenish your ELSOM wallets. The addresses of new terminals installed are below:

“Assorti” shop, 8/4, m/d 9, Bishkek

“Uluu Too” teahouse 134, Sadyrbaev st., Bishkek

Bldg. 1 KNU, 547, Frunze st., Bishkek

Bldg. 5 KNU, 101, Manas st., Bishkek

Bldg. 6 KNU, 328, Abdymomunov st., Bishkek

"Globus Tur", 120, Kievskaya st., Bishkek

“Laminate office” 1A, Kulatov st., Bishkek

"Gum-n-Roll" SEC, 55, Kurmanzhan Datka st., Bishkek

"Barclays", 55, Baitik-Baatyr st., Bishkek

“GOIN” TC, 403, Zhibek-Zholu st., Bishkek

“Aurora” restaurant, 2/2, Ibraimov st., Bishkek

“Svetofor” 3, Baitik-Baatyr st., Bishkek.