OREANDA-NEWS.   The crawler mounting of EKG-18 is loaded onto rolling stock and waits for acceptance by RZhD committee and subsequent shipment. Two tracks are already loaded, one more is under preparation for shipment in "Uralmashplant" shop No. 50. The total weight of EKG-18 crawler mounting is 150 tons.
Now, "Uralmashplant" logistics and procurement direction handles six orders for supply of equipment to Mikhailovsky GOK, including those for crawler mountings.
"Uralmashplant" has already supplied 10,3 tons of equipment to Mikhailovsky GOK.

The induration machine, which is under erection now by Uralmashplant at Michailovsky GOK is the first machine in the post-Soviet history of Russia designed following the state-of-the-art technologies. It will be the largest in Russia pelletizing plant with modern induration machine and minimal environmental impact. Machine commissioning will increase the BF pellets output by 5 million tpa and there will be no other as productive company in Russia as MGOK.
The process complex construction is planned to be completed in 1 quarter of 2015.
Michailovsky GOK is part of the metallurgical holding "Metalloinvest" and holds the second place among the ore-dressing and processing enterprises of Russia based on the annual output. At present Michailovsky GOK is equipped with two induration machines ОК-520, manufactured by Uralmashplant and commissioned in 1977. For that time, they were modern machines with total output of 6 million tpa of iron ore pellets. After completion of the new process complex with induration machine No. 3 the annual output of Michailovsky GOK will become 1,5 times more.