OREANDA-NEWS. Recently reorganized Sukhoi Company has switched to a unified format of financial and economic reporting. CROC experts have accomplished the task of reducing costs in the course of combining all structures of the group into a single legal entity and deploying a unified consolidated reporting system based on the 1C: Consolidation solution.

The reorganization of Sukhoi Company involved merging three legal entities with the parent company: Sukhoi Design Office OJSC, Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association, and Chkalov Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association. As a result, the company's staff now totals close to 26,000 employees.

'A merger is always a multi-pronged task. First of all, you need to correctly prepare the closing reports of the companies being merged and the opening reports of the company created in the merger. Second, you need a tool that would enable the reorganized company to submit consolidated reports on time. Bringing all design offices and plants to a common denominator took a great deal of work. The project team, consisting of Sukhoi Company methodologists and CROC experts, built a joint reporting system uniting all branch offices irrespective of the accounting systems used by them. The system makes it possible to generate 5 sets of reports (financial statements, profit tax report, value added tax report, statistical report, and departmental reports) for four branches of Sukhoi Company. The process of collecting information is now transparent, and the cost of report generation is minimal. For example, it takes just a couple of hours to generate a package of financial statements consisting of 71 reports with over 4,000 lines (or 20,000 indicators). Previously it used to take weeks to manually process and verify this data,' says Sergei Meshcheryakov, Director of Public Relations Department, Sukhoi Company.

The project is based on the 1C: Consolidation 8 PROF solution. Owing to maximum automation of procedures, the number of system users has been reduced to a bare minimum that currently stands at a little over 200 persons.

'Each of the companies involved in the merger has its own specifics in terms of both operations and the IT landscape. Several systems are used for accounting purposes: 1C Accounting, 1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management, Oracle E-Business Suite, Parus, and BAAN. The joint system contains some 200 reporting forms and over 2,000 control relationships for verifying report accuracy, which significantly reduces the risk of human error. Some 20 CROC consultants and programmers and 10 methodologists and 40 accountants of the customer helped create the system. The project was completed on time and within budget,' says Maxim Andreev, Business Applications Director, CROC.

'The project core-the 1C: Consolidation 8 PROF system-offers a range of features for preparing and analyzing consolidated reports at such large businesses as Sukhoi Company. For example, it offers the capability to directly upload data from remote information databases using web services, and a subsystem for managing regulatory reference information of the group,' says Marina Slesarenko, 1C Deputy Director for Corporate Account Relations.

The project just completed is only one part of a larger upgrade of the reporting process at the reorganized company.

The next stage involves switching all branch offices of Sukhoi Company to a unified accounting system.