OREANDA-NEWS. By the beginning of February, cars BMW, Mazda, Renault, Chery and Kia, Ford and Opel became more expensive. In February, the price increase touched Porsche, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Brilliance, Infiniti. It became known the possible increase in prices in the near future for the new Mazda and LADA cars.

Experts believe that the manufacturers, which have their own assembly plants in Russia and reached the deepest level of localization, can keep the pace of price increases longer than others.

The view on the reasons for the rise in prices was expressed by Mikhail Plotnikov, the head of sales and marketing Honda and Acura in Russia in a recent interview: "I do not agree with the thesis that the producers who have local production are needless to raise prices, as in a falling market because of the high fixed costs they will have high costs per unit of output. We must not forget that the more assets in rubles at company, the worse is the result in terms of the currency, in which one or another manufacturer reports that also has an impact on its strategy in the country. But in any case the question is here not in the economy, as it often happens with us, but in politics. Much depends on the strategy of the brand and the size of the support from the state."