OREANDA-NEWS. Ingosstrakh Insurance Company paid over RUB 6 m to ROSINTER RESTAURANTS due to the fire in Il Patio restaurant in Samara.

The insurer's property was insured for the total amount of RUB 13,060,929.32. Pursuant to the terms of the contract, insurance protection is provided for the interior finishing and decorations, the equipment and glazing of the restaurant. The policy provided protection against fire risks, including fire, lightning, water damage, stroke of lightning, gas explosion, natural disasters, and malicious acts of third parties.

The incident occurred in February 2014. As a result of a short circuit, fire broke out in the restaurant. The fire damaged the interior finishing of the building, its glazing and equipment.

The investigation into the insured event and the evaluation of the amount of the damage were conducted by the employees of Ingosstrakh Insurance Company and a valuation company. Based on the analysis of the necessary expert examinations, the case was recognized as an insured event, and the policyholder received insurance compensation in the amount of over RUB 6 m.