OREANDA-NEWS. In the 2014 JSC Rigas kugu buvetava the net turnover reached 17 896 269 EUR, of which, the shipbuilding - 7 849 702 EUR, the ship repair - 9 738 965 EUR, (compared with the year 2013 net turnover totalled 53 730 879 EUR, of which, the shipbuilding - 37 645 042 EUR, the ship repair - 15 214 037 EUR).

The company has finished the financial year with gross profit of 65 244 EUR  (in the year of 2013 the gross losses were 1 127 211 EUR), in turn, the net losses in the year 2014 were 1 087 879 EUR, (accordingly, in the year 2013 the losses were 1 926 775 EUR).

In the 2014 JSC Rigas kugu buvetava" executed in total 51 ship repairs (compared to the year of 2013 - 60 ships), there were built and launched 4 ship hulls and last of five SWATH type patrol ships for the needs of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia - ship "REZEKNE", as also there was executed the modernisation of the naval vessel of Finland in order to enlarge the hull of the ship. In comparison to the year of 2013 there were built 4 hulls of ships and were built and delivered to the customers 4 complete ships.    

The suppliers of goods and services for JSC Rigas kugu buvetava, as also suppliers of raw materials in the year 2014 did not change essentially and the states of their origin were: Western Europe, Estonia, Lithuania and also Latvia. Traditionally in the ship repair area the main customers were the Scandinavia states, ship owners from Western Europe, and Latvia, in turn, customers of ship hulls mainly were from the Scandinavian states, and SWATH type patrol ship - from Latvia.           

In the reported period the works are continued and was concluded an agreement for the needs of industrial orders of ship repair and service. These orders allow to use the work force more rationally and to acquire additional incomes.

In the year 2014 JSC Rigas kugu buvetava, executed the investments in the fixed assets and reconstruction in total sum of 3 mln.950 thousands EUR (compared to the year of 2013 the company invested 1 mln.708 thousands EUR). JSC Rigas kugu buvetava also continues to execute to production of the capital repairs of buildings, floating docks, portal cranes, tugs and another fixed assets.

In April of the year 2014 in JSC Rigas kugu buvetava there was completed the realisation of Cohesion Funds co-financing project, which started in the year of 2013 The Reconstruction of Heating System of JSC Rigas kugu buvetava. In the project frames there were reconstructed and commissioned the heat traces in the length of 2440 meters, as also the building /reconstruction of 28 automatized heating units were executed. The project costs were in total 1 058 351,85 EUR, and from that the co-financing from the European Union were 423 340,74 EUR. Similarly, in June of the year 2014 there was concluded another public co-financed project Energy efficiency measures realisation in production workshops, which is financially supported by the Climate changes financial instrument.

In the frames of the project for more energy-efficient production process there were provided and commissioned 85 welding vehicles, 9 optional equipment units (transformers of frequencies) for electrical motors, 4 reactive power units for energy indemnification, as also an illumination reconstruction is executed in two production workshops. The project total costs without VAT formed 1 415 395,83 EUR, from that sum of 479 807,72 EUR are co-financing from the Climate changes financial instrument. As the result of realization of this project there will be improved the quality of new building of ships and there will be achieved the economy of energy resources simultaneously.

Continuing the activity in the energy efficiency increase question with the purpose to provide an economy of energy resources, JSC Rigas kugu buvetava, cooperating with another the merchants of the incorporated economic group, executes replacement of Utility Air Compressors, what will allow to provide consumers with the compressed air of high quality, will diminish the losses of the compressed air losses in  transfer and will diminish the consumption of electric power in the compressed air production process.

JSC Rigas kugu buvetava operates and executes the production procedures in accordance with the international quality control standards - EN ISO 9001: 2008. The quality accordance certificate was received already in the year 2001 and the quality providing system is constantly improved.

Estimating the current market situation and enterprise possibilities, the management will continue to work in order to increase the volumes of the ship repair and new building. In order to provide the above mentioned, the company plans to buy the additional equipment for washing and cleaning of ships, what will allow to increase the handling rate of ships in docks. For this actions there are planned the investments in the sum of 75000.00 EUR. Now the equipment of a various kind is delivered already, including portal sheet plasma cutting machine ESA, sheet gas cutting machine SILHOUETTE, milling machine FSS 350r-03, milling machine FU450RAp 65.00.000, bridge crane 2ck002971 and another equipment.

In correlation on review reported year losses there is important to note that the company plans to cover them from undistributed profit of the last year, however at the same time, giving a special role to reduction of contaminations of the environment, investing in modernization of enterprise production equipment, as also in modernisation of processes, promoting the competitive ability of the company in its market sector and, certainly, in profit rate improvement, as also the business activity will be continued in the next year.