OREANDA-NEWS. It was sold 16,013 cars by the program of parc renovation since the beginning of the year until February 23rd. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, among them 9.6 thousand cars were sold by recycling program (59.8%), and by trade-in - 6,4 thousand units (40.2%). The program is attended by 15 automakers, department did not disclose sales by them. In January, the monthly sales volume of cars by the scrappage program was lower by 55% compared to the analogous result of the first month of the previous program, which was held in September-December of 2014, wrote "RBK".

AvtoVAZ by the program has sold about 14,500 Lada cars as of February 25th, said a source close to the company. The company participates in the program since mid-January, the average monthly sales is about 10.8 thousand cars now. According to the last program, which took place in September and December of 2014, AvtoVAZ sold 55.7 thousand Lada cars - 13,900 units in average for four months. Thus, the average monthly sales of AUTOVAZ this year are less by 22% than the previous year.

UAZ, which sold under the previous recycling program 18.2 thousand SUVs, it had sold 1.1 thousand vehicles by this program for the full January, explained in the company. The average volume of monthly sales by scrapping of brand was less by 75% than in September and December of the last year. This figure of Toyota fell by 50%: according to its representative, it was sold 70 Camry sedans since the beginning of the program from January 23rd to February 23rd against 420 units in October-December of 2014. Other automakers have refused to disclose the interim results of the state program.

The program of parc renovation is valid from the beginning of the year, the government has allocated for it 10 billion Rubles. In case of scrapping of old car, the discount for a new one is 50 thousand rubles, for trucks and buses - up to 350 thousand rubles. For trade-in – it is 40 thousand rubles and 300,000 rubles, respectively. The parameters of the current program duplicate the previous one (September-December of 2014).

Peak of sales in 2015 came for the first two weeks of January, but not all automakers at this time renewed their recycling programs, said the CEO of "Audi Center Varshavka" of GC "Avtospetstsentr", Roman Prikhodko. According to him, the sale went well of Chevrolet Niva, while GM-AvtoVAZ has resumed the program for this model only on February 16th. A similar situation was observed at the companies Ford Sollers and Lifan Motors Rus, added Mr.Prihodko. In February, Mazda and Skoda joined the program. Opel, for example, has not done it until now.

"30% of our clients have used the program in 2015, compared with the previous rate of 70%, - says the Director of Sales of Ford dealership, GK "Avilon", Mikhail Kuzmin. – “The conditions of the program are not enough to compensate for the rise in price of cars, which is reaching 60%”.

In 2014, sales at the start of the program were low too. During the first week of September it was sold 347 cars, but by the end of the month the weekly sales volume was 12.4 thousand cars. Some automakers have used their own limits on recycling long before it was completed. AvtoVAZ has stopped the sales by the program on October 21st. The company resumed it a week later, but at its own expense. In December, the government even had to allocate an additional 3 billion Rubles for the completion of the program.

By the spring sales by program are expected to grow, but it is unlikely to repeat the success of the previous one, supposes Andrei Rozhkov from IFC "Metropol". The analyst believes that allocated for the program 10 billion Rubles in the best case will be used in six months. Now the government is considering the possibility of extending the program until the end of the year. Further stabilization of the exchange rate will encourage potential car owners to make purchases, adds Roman Prikhodko from "AvtoSpetsTsentr." In parallel, the government is considering additional measures to stimulate the car market. On Wednesday, by the results of the workshop of the director of the Department of Transport of Ministry of Industry and Trade, Alexander Morozov, with dealers and banks, it was decided to study the issue of the resumption of the program of preferential car loan. It is expected that the program will start to work on April 1st and it will run during the second and third quarters. There can be allocated 200,000 of three-year soft loans for the purchase of cars worth 1-1.2 million Rubles. It is offered to subsidize the part of the loan, so the rate does not exceed 15% (now, according to estimations of dealers, it is 23%). Now the state wants to calculate how much it will cost the budget, said after the meeting, the President of the Association of Russian car dealers (ROAD), Vladimir Mozhenkov.

"Today consumers are afraid to take on the obligations of the loan, as it is unknown what will happen tomorrow. State guarantees and reduced rates have a positive impact on sales results”, - says Mikhail Kuzmin from "Avilon".

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is also developing a program to support operational car leasing, said the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov in the last week. It is discussed the issue of other 10 thousand preferential credits within the program also in the second and third quarters of 2015, added Mr.Mozhenkov.