OREANDA-NEWS. August 20, 2015. Ford Argentina presented the Ford Smart Mobility Plan and the Blueprint for Mobility vision at the workshop "Cities and companies: towards a new urban agenda", organized by the Argentine Enterprise for Sustainable Development (CEADS), on August 3rd. 50 company executives specialized in corporate social responsibility, sustainability and ecology, participated of the discussion.

Ford Argentina Communications Manager presented the two initiatives carried out by Ford locally to find innovative solutions for improving mobility in the future: the Future of Mobility Contest and the Future of Mobility Forum.

The workshop was also sponsored by the Argentine Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility (IARSE), which is currently studying the most important trends that will shape the needs of mega-cities in Latin America by 2030. 

In this context, Ford Argentina’s presentation included some of the smart technologies developed by Ford to achieve an integrated mobility in the medium and long term, such as some of our research projects in Palo Alto, experiments being carried out in different centers of innovation, and technological features already in Ford global lineup such as Lane Keeping Aid, Park Assist, ActiveCity Stop, among others

The CEADS is the local institution that represents the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) a global partnership led by the CEOs of more than 230 companies dedicated to connecting business and sustainable development. The CEADS provides companies a platform to explore sustainable development, share knowledge, experiences and best practices, as well as supports entrepreneurs to agree positions on these issues at local and international forums, working with the Government, society and intergovernmental organizations.

Through this participation, Ford Argentina contributes to seek creative solutions to reinvent mobility through collaborative innovation between industries, companies, governments, academic institutions, non-government organizations and citizens.