OREANDA-NEWS. Prime Minister Valeriu Strelet today visited the Avdarma village from the Gagauz autonomy, situated in south Moldova.

On visit, the prime minister was met with bread and salt at the new headquarters of the recently reconstructed Avdarma mayoralty. The building meets the highest standards and is endowed with modern equipment.

Avdarma mayor Ivan Kasim said that local Kazmali brothers had significantly contributed to the implementation of these projects, as well as other actions of infrastructure development, cultural and sports life of settlement. Thus, the settlement was connected to sewerage, water and telephony. The lyceum was restored, classrooms are equipped with modern computers and interactive boards, sports grounds, culture house, health centre, kindergarten and other social objects were constructed.

The prime minister also visited the museum of the village and creation centre. Valeriu Strelet said that Moldova's history was rich, stressing the importance of preserving the traditions and cultural heritage of the ethnic groups living in Moldova.

Strelet appreciated the way the residents of the village were involved in the community life and proved a civic attitude worth to be followed. "Avdarma is an example for other settlements from Gagauzia and the entire country", he said.

The prime minister voiced hope that, by joint efforts, the local authorities will manage to build a modern access road to the village. 

Avdarma village comprises over 3,000 residents.