OREANDA-NEWS. The SE “Posta Moldovei” upgrades its customer service process by implementing modern technologies of queues management in post offices. An important moment would be the launch of the application “Invoice”, developed to provide a record service time. The “Invoice” application is compatible with Android and iOS devices and will contain information about payments that should be made, indicating the amount and payment deadline for each of them. The user will be able to choose the services he wants to pay and the application will generate a QR code that will be presented to the post office operator for payment processing and receipt. At the same time, the launch of the option for electronic payment of bills using the bank card, is underway.

Simultaneously, for lines streamlining and reduction to minimum of queues in post offices, the "electronic queue” system is to be implemented ", which will be tested in the Central Post Office of Chisinau municipality, and later applied in all post offices with a large flow of people.

Speaking about the preparedness of the SE "Posta Moldovei" for taking over the payment of social payments to citizens starting September 1, current year, Sergiu Batiu?ca, the Deputy General Director of the company, stressed that "within a year"  “Posta Moldovei " manages about 10 billion lei and the increase of financial  flow by another 10% is not a difficulty. However, the number of served people increases. Therefore, we negotiate the opening of 10 new post offices in Chisinau and Balti municipalities. We analyze the efficiency of the work schedule for each office and are ready to adjust it to the needs of beneficiaries. If necessary, we will increase the number of employees to cope with the flow of people and ensure social payments on time. "

We remind that on August 12, 2015, the Government of Republic of Moldova made a decision that starting September 1, 2015, all the social payments previously made through Banca de Economii and Banca Sociala will be made through the SE “Posta Moldovei”.