OREANDA-NEWS. October 01, 2015. Cargill is kicking off this season of giving with a new Taking Care of Communities initiative for the independent farm families that raise its turkeys across the United States. The companys Wichita-based turkey and cooked meats business is distributing Giving Cards gift cards preloaded with \\$250 each, totaling more than \\$100,000 to contract turkey farmers who will donate the cards to any charities of their choice in their respective communities. These farmers raise turkeys for Cargills Shady Brook Farms and Honeysuckle White brands.

Were quickly approaching the time of year when American families celebrate their blessings and give thanks for what they have. At Cargill, were celebrating too, because there is a lot of hard work, dedication and focus required to deliver the traditional holiday turkey to dinner tables across America, said Tim Maupin, vice president of agriculture operations. Contract turkey farmers have a significant role and impact on the success of our business and supporting their communities is something we strongly believe influences the success of their business, the community and Cargill. 

Similar to retail gift cards, the Giving Cards can be used to benefit any 501(c)(3) public charity in the U.S. Our farmers can choose to donate to one or several organizations.  

We are incredibly thankful for the continued commitment by independent farm families that raise Cargill turkeys for wholesome, nutritious, delicious, high-quality and affordable protein. We look forward to learning about the organizations they are passionate about and donate to this holiday season, stated Maupin. Farmers are encouraged to utilize the funds by December 1. Any amounts not redeemed will be returned to a fund that Cargills turkey business will use for donations to additional organizations. 

Cargill Turkey & Cooked Meats is comprised of vertically integrated turkey business, including the primary processing of turkey and further processing of beef, pork and poultry products. It also distributes a complete offering of value-added meat products.