OREANDA-NEWS. Mostotrest and Transstroymekhanizatsiya have completed reconstruction of the km 0 – km 16 segment of M-11 "Narva" Highway (Saint Petersburg – the Estonian border, Tallinn-bound), providing access to Ust-Luga, the new deep-water commercial seaport in the Leningrad region.

The project included construction of a 146.2 m overpass over Alekseyevski Lime Plant feeder rail tracks, a 33.2 m bridge over the Solka river, reconstruction of the existing 6.2 km long segment and construction of a new 9.9 km long segment of the road. In addition, three animal passes were built to ensure unimpeded migration of animals across the road.

To protect adjacent settlements from traffic noise exposure, noise barriers were installed, while standalone houses were equipped with noise protection glazing. Convenient pedestrian connections are ensured by about three kilometers of newly built walkways and sidewalks that have linked settlements with production sites and provided access to public transport stops.

Mostotrest used unique construction technology and modern equipment for the project. In particular, to waterproof concrete surfaces of the deck of animal passes and the bridge, the Company used Hydroflex, a Russian-made innovative sprayable waterproofing material, which is superior to foreign equivalents.

The new 16 km long road has connected the transport interchange at the intersection with Tallinn Avenue and the km 16 – km 40 segment of the highway, previously built by Mostotrest and put into operation last year, ensuring direct access from Tallinn Avenue to Ust-Luga Commercial Seaport, bypassing the settlements of Kommunar, Kyorstovo and Kikeritsy.

Reconstruction of the Ust-Luga Commercial Seaport approach road is part of the Federal Target Program "Development of the Transport System of Russia (2010 – 2015)".

M-11 "Narva" is a federal highway running from St. Petersburg to the border with the Republic of Estonia (Tallinn-bound). Design speed on the Ust-Luga Commercial Seaport approach road (km 0 – km 16 and km 16 – km 40 segments) post-reconstruction is 100-120 kmh.

Ust-Luga Commercial Seaport is a modern multifunctional port located in the southwestern part of the Leningrad region, in Luga Bay of the Gulf of Finland. Deep waters of the port, combined with a short approach channel, make Ust-Luga Port (under construction) the only Russian port on the Baltic Sea capable of receiving cargo vessels with a deadweight of up to 100 thousand tons, and liquid cargo vessels with a deadweight of up to 150 thousand tons.

For Reference:

Mostotrest is a major, diversified infrastructure construction company, with established presence in all core and related market segments, and a participant in Russia’s first public-private partnership projects. According to EMBS Group, an independent industry consultancy, in 2014 Mostotrest held a 13.4% share of the total Russian transport infrastructure construction market.

Mostotrest’s core competences include construction and reconstruction of bridges, roads and other transport infrastructure facilities; provision of road maintenance, repair and operating services. In 2012, Mostotrest also entered a new segment: management of road concessions.

The company was established in 1930 as a developer of complex and oversized bridges.

Mostotrest is currently participating in implementation of a number of complex transport infrastructure development projects, such as construction of the Section 4 (km 208 – km 258) and Section 6 (km 334 – km 543) of the M-11 "Moscow – St Petersburg" Toll Highway, construction and reconstruction of the M-4 "Don" and M-9 "Baltic" highways, construction of Businovskaya Interchange in Moscow, Bor Bridge in Nizhny Novgorod and Voroshilovsky Bridge in Rostov-on-Don.

Transstroymekhanizatsiya (TSM) is a Mostotrest subsidiary specialized in construction and renovation of transport infrastructure, including automobile roads and airports. The company operates in the Central, Southern and Far Eastern Federal Districts of Russia. TSM is involved in construction of the Moscow-St Petersburg Highway. TSM is currently carrying out renovation of Sheremetyevo, Saratov, Ufa, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Norilsk and Khabarovsk airports, as well as construction and renovation of the M-4 “Don”, M-9 “Baltic” and M-10 “Russia” highways.