OREANDA-NEWS. October 12, 2015. PrivatBank announces that it has entered into an agreement with the Shareholder and UK SPV Credit Finance plc (the “Issuer”) whereby the Issuer will issue without recourse the US\\$70 million 5.799 per cent. Notes to the Shareholder at par for the sole purpose of funding a subordinated loan to PrivatBank.

PrivatBank has submitted the Subordinated Loan Agreement to the National Bank of Ukraine for registration. Once the Subordinated Loan Agreement is registered by the National Bank of Ukraine, PrivatBank, the Issuer and the Shareholder will complete the issuance of the Notes and will provide a further announcement at that time.

The purpose of the Notes and the Subordinated Loan Agreement is to increase the capital of PrivatBank through support from its shareholders while at the same time further aligning their interests with the interests of other stakeholders, including, in particular, holders of PrivatBank’s subordinated notes which are due February 2016.

PrivatBank continues to remain open to a dialogue with its investors and bondholders as it goes through a debt re-profiling process, and would request that any enquiries regarding the placement of the Notes or the previously announced re-profiling of the subordinated notes due February 2016 be directed as set forth below.