OREANDA-NEWS. Shvabe Holding's scientists have developed a new modulator of polarization for polarizing refractometers. The device can also be used in ellipsometers.

The modulator designed for refractometers of irregular total internal reflection (ITIR) has been designed at Shvabe - Technological Laboratory, a Shvabe Holding's enterprise in Kazan. ITIR shall be a phenomenon based on penetration of a light wave from an optically more dense medium to a less-dense medium under certain conditions.

Polarization refractometer is an optical device measuring the light refraction index in various media. The modulator designed is a component of the ITIR refractometer. The device is designed for simultaneous modulation of the phase difference and light polarization azimuth in the process of determination of the critical incidence angle in ITIR refractometers.

The modulator consists of two miniature Faraday cells, which are separated with a quarter-wavelength plate. A distinctive feature of the device developed is the fact that the Faraday cells and the quarter-wavelength plate are fixed, the amplitudes of the polarization azimuth modulation and phase difference are equal, the excitation frequency of the two cells is identical but are in antiphase. This results in the effect of light polarization state modulation, which is necessary for determination of the critical angle of total internal reflection.

The modulator developed by Shvabe - Technological Laboratory JSC can also be used in ellipsometers. The principle of operation os these devices is based on the high sensitivity and precise polarization and optical method for investigation of surfaces and interfaces of various media, solid, liquid and gaseous.

The use of this development is determined by the intended purpose of polarization refractometers. These devices are widely demanded in scientific and industrial investigations. The devices are used for studying oil, in chemical industry, in medicine and veterinary. The use of refractometers in production processes increases the productivity of labour and the quality of products being controlled by means of the device being offered.

The launch of new modulator into serial production is planned for the 1st quarter of 2017.