OREANDA-NEWS. Deliveries by the Volkswagen Group from January to September remained almost stable compared with the prior-year level, with 7.43 million vehicles handed over to customers worldwide. Overall, developments in Europe were positive. Western Europe in particular reported growth; most countries in Central and Eastern Europe following suit, although this was not sufficient to offset the downturn in Russia. Deliveries in the United States also rose slightly. The Company improved its performance in China, with deliveries in September almost on a par with the prior year.

Group brands grew deliveries by 3.5 percent on the overall European market in the first three quarters, handing over a total of 3.07 million vehicles to customers. 2.62 million customers took possession of a new vehicle in Western Europe, an increase of 6.1 percent. The situation in Germany also remained positive; 971,200 vehicles were handed over to customers on the home market, representing an increase of 4.6 percent in the period to September. The Volkswagen Group also recorded growth on other markets in Western Europe. Above all Spain (+17.5 percent) and Italy (+9.1 percent) have seen strong growth since the beginning of the year. As a result of the continued tense situation in Russia, there was a downturn in deliveries in Central and Eastern Europe, where the Group handed over 451,600 vehicles in the period to September, of which 127,300 units were delivered on the tense Russian market.

Group deliveries in the North America region from January to September were up 5.8 percent to 693,100 units, of which 453,500 – an increase of 3.2 percent – were handed over in the United States, the region’s largest market. The South America region continues to feel the effects of the challenging situation in Brazil, the region’s largest market, where deliveries by the Volkswagen Group fell by 33.4 percent to 308,600 vehicles in the period to September. As a result, deliveries in the entire region dropped to 439,700 units.

The Group delivered 2.88 million vehicles in the Asia-Pacific region in the first three quarters, of which 2.58 million were handed over in China, the Group’s largest single market.

Overview of deliveries by the Volkswagen Group: