OREANDA-NEWS. As part of the policy, aiming to promote knowledge and investment awareness among all investors, Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) organized a lecture entitled "Selling of Rights Issues of GWC". The lecture was delivered by QSE experts and attended by brokers, QFMA and QCSD representtaives, and public investors. This lecture comes following the issuance of the rights issues rules by Qatar Financial Markets Authority

During the lecture, Mr. Nasser Abdul Ghani, MOC Director, gave a presentation, in which he addressed several topics and said that the holding of this introductory lecture comes within the framework of QSE’s efforts to enhance investors'''' awareness in terms of the products traded on the exchange. He added that QSE follows transparency principles and open door policy with all market stakeholders, including investors, brokerage firms, analysts and listed companies.

Mr. Abdul Ghani added that this lecture aims to enable all existing and potential investor to make the right investment decisions with regards to purchase, sell or hold the rights issues based on sufficient knowledge of such a mechanism.

Mr. Samer Abu-Zaghla from QSE gave a detailed explanation on the sale mechanism of the rights issues based on the fact that this financial instrument has a validity period as the right becomes worthless unless it is used in the subscription of the capital increase.

The rights issues is considered a security, which allows the company's shareholders to subscribe in the capital increase shares to be issued during the specified subscription period according to the equity proportion of each shareholder.