OREANDA-NEWS. October 20, 2015. The Republic of Moldova is becoming a more attractive destination for investments in the sector of information and communications technology. The investment opportunities in this area and the policies promoted by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication to support the development of business environment were presented to foreign investors during an event organized within the Republic of Moldova pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 Universal Exhibition.

Within the event, the Deputy Minister of ICT Vitalie Tarlev described the evolution of the ICT sector in the Republic of Moldova, investment opportunities and the MITC initiatives to enhance the competitiveness of the IT industry in the country.

 “The ICT sector is a real opportunity to ensure the economic growth of the Republic of Moldova. There are a number of preconditions for the development of this national economy segment: modern infrastructure for electronic communications, skilled workforce, connection to the common markets of the EU and CIS, determination to continuously improve the business environment and facilities for the IT industry”.

 “The draft law on the creation of virtual IT parks, passed by Parliament in the first reading, comes to consolidate all taxes and duties into a single tax of 7% of sales revenue for residents of the parks. Thus, simple, clear and transparent tax administration rules are established, which leave no room for interpretation of law and corruption”, Vitalie Tarlev mentioned.

The share of the ICT sector in the GDP of the Republic of Moldova is about 8%, while the export of IT services in the last year amounted to USD 65.5 million, and is steadily growing. Meanwhile, the penetration of Internet services is 64% and mobile telephony - 123%. 3G services cover 99% of the Moldovan territory, while 4G service - already 41%. These features position the Republic of Moldova among the countries with a developed electronic communications infrastructure, favorable for the development of business in the field of information technology and communications.