OREANDA-NEWS. What is a pantograph?  What year was the first locomotive manufactured? How can a metro run without a driver? Where do trains sleep at night? All these questions, and more, are answered on "3 minutes stop", an entertaining and pedagogical website launched by Alstom to explain the world of trains to audiences of all ages.

The "3 minutes stop" website features three comprehensive sections: an infographic, a quiz, and a dictionary. The infographic section provides clear and concise answers to questions through animations and short texts while the quiz section allows to discover key figures related to the rail sector. The new website wouldn’t be complete without a dictionary explaining users in a few simple words what a skirt, a bogie or a catenary is.

New content will be regularly posted, shared and shareable through social media. "3 minutes stop" website is the first place for obtaining clear and simple information on the world of trains.

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