OREANDA-NEWS. A special trading session for offering of bonds KZP03Y11D398 (KZ2C00002236, KASE official list, category "debt securities of entities of the quasi-state sector", SKKZb3; KZT1,000, KZT40.5 bn; March 13, 2009 – March 13, 2020; fixed semi-annual coupon, 6.00 % APR; 30/360) of Sovereign Wealth Fund "Samuryk-Kazyna" JSC (Astana) was held in KASE trading system today.

ISSUE PARAMETERS:                                                           
Security type:                            coupon bonds                      
National identification number:           KZP03Y11D398                      
ISIN:                                     KZ2C00002236                      
KASE trade code:                          SKKZb3                            
Face value, tenge:                        1,000.00                          
Issue volume, mln tenge:                                                    
– registered:                             40,500.0                          
– outstanding:                            –                                 
First circulation date:                   March 13, 2009                    
Last circulation date:                    March 12, 2020                    
Redemption start date:                    March 13, 2020                    
Circulation term:                         11 years (3,960 days)             
Coupon rate:                              6.00 % APR                        
Coupon payment periodicity:               twice a year                      
Coupon payment start date:                March 13 and September 13 annually
Time base:                                30 / 360                          
----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------
PLACEMENT TERMS:                                                            
----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------
Trade date:                               October 27, 2015                  
Term to maturity:                         4.4 years (1,576 days)            
Declared volume at face value, mln tenge: 40,500.0                          
Lot size, pieces:                         1                                 
Trade subject:                            "net" price                       
Purchase orders types:                    market and limited                
Market order acceptance ratio, %:         70                                
Order submission method:                  closed                            
Order receipt time:                       11:30–12:30                       
Order confirmation time:                  11:30–13:00                       
Striking time:                            14:30                             
Payment date:                             October 27, 2015                  
Payment time:                             before 14:30 (Т+0)                
Order acceptance method:                  at cut-off price                  
Trades initiator:                         Kazkommerts Securities            
                                          JSC (subsidiary of                
                                          Kazkommertsbank JSC)              
Trading system sector:                    Debts_List_ST1                    
Trading system group:                     Q_Gov_ST1                         

The special trading session was acknowledged and declared failed due to absence of counter-driven orders.

A repeated special trading session for offering of these bonds on similar terms was announced for November 2, 2015.