OREANDA-NEWS. November 03, 2015.  Fitch Ratings has published its end-September 2015 money market fund (MMF) snapshot report and individual fund factsheets. They provide consistent and comparable portfolio analytics across all Fitch-rated US and European MMFs, which together represent over USD1trn of assets under management.

Individual fund factsheets provide investors with fund-specific portfolio information, covering each fund's current and historical credit, liquidity and market risk attributes. They also provide information on the fund manager, and Fitch's rating rationale. They are published monthly.

Fitch's MMF snapshot is a monthly publication of key portfolio analytics allowing data comparison across MMFs.

Underlying portfolio data is based on portfolio holding reports received from fund administrators and managers as part of the agency's process for rating and monitoring MMFs. Fitch applies a homogeneous methodology across funds to classifications, issuers, credit quality, instruments types and indicator calculation.

Quarterly reports highlighting key MMF trends, exposures and allocation developments complement the monthly factsheets and snapshot.

Fitch's MMF factsheets are available free of charge through the following link: https://www.fitchratings.com/web_content/pages/fam/mmf/fund-surveillance.htm.