OREANDA-NEWS. Surface specialist and automotive supplier Benecke-Kaliko helps drivers express themselves and offers almost unlimited options for individual interior surface design. “A car today is much more than just a means of transport. It reflects a person’s philosophy on life, approach to work and character in just the same way as clothes. It is an identity market which the owner uses – consciously or otherwise – to show who they are. Choosing the right paintwork color or trim has long since ceased to be enough. Rather, it is individual interior concepts and model series tailored to different requirements which attract the customer,” declares Dominik Beckman, Global Head of Marketing at Benecke-Kaliko, and adds: “For the automakers that means occupying every niche, no matter how small.” This is precisely where the Xpreshn product family from Benecke-Kaliko comes in. The surface material features almost unlimited individualization and can be further enhanced by means of numerous functional enhancements of the product features.

Xpreshn and Xpreshn HD (High Definition) supersede Benecke-Kaliko’s Tepeo and Tepeo 2 solutions and are greatly superior to them. Benecke-Kaliko is now going beyond Tepeo and Tepeo 2 to offer ultimate customization. However, all the benefits of Tepeo and Tepeo 2 have been retained. Furthermore, Xpreshn and Xpreshn HD offer numerous new product variants thanks to the available enhancements.

Right now, Benecke-Kaliko is extending beyond Tepeo and Tepeo 2 with advanced formulas in order to expand the portfolio of complete designs with a sector-leading selection of enhancement options. Customers also have the option of utilizing the benefits offered by Benecke-Kaliko’s F.O.C.U.S. portfolio. These added features express individuality, personality, lifestyle and values.

Lightweight construction without compromising on quality and comfort
The very light Xpreshn Light and Xpreshn HD Light decorative foils also offer vehicle manufacturers the ability to further reduce the weight of their vehicles without the purchaser having to accept lower quality or even comfort as a result. The materials even feel softer and more pleasant still than other foil products.

Xpreshn Light and Xpreshn HD Light are expanded foils comprising a compact upper foil and a foamed lower foil. The foils are deep-drawn in the customer’s plant and bonded to the substrate – for example, the door cladding. They enable a further 20 percent weight saving compared with the Xpreshn and Xpreshn HD materials, which were themselves conceived as lightweight design solutions. This means they are up to 60 percent lighter than conventional solutions. However, the benefits go far beyond weight savings and the associated environmental benefits: The materials permit tighter radii and impress buyers thanks to their grain stability, surface quality and dimensional stability. They are also available with the “high scratch resistance” option.

The surface coating of the environment-friendly Xpreshn Eco and Xpreshn HD Eco materials uses 100 percent water-based paints instead of multiple solvent-based paint films. In addition to the environmental benefits, this solution exclusively developed by Benecke-Kaliko offers the deep, saturated matte surfaces which are much in demand, especially for premium marques.

The scratch-resistant Xpreshn Protect increases customer satisfaction
The highly scratch-resistant Xpreshn Protect and Xpreshn HD Protect variants also make no concessions in terms of feel and look because their finish is not down to hardness, but purely to the elasticity of the material. While offering the same softness of touch, the scratch resistance is a further twice as high as that of Tepeo and Tepeo 2. This increases the car buyers’ satisfaction and the vehicles’ resale value, while cutting wastage as a result of surface damage during the vehicle production process itself.

The especially soft Xpreshn Lux material conveys a special feeling of quality. The design, which is very soft throughout, exerts an emotionally calming influence on the occupants and is intended to be used for instrument panels and decorative surfaces. The material is up to 500 percent softer than standard Tepeo. Consequently, Xpreshn Lux produces a lastingly pleasant perception from the very first touch, which is then further reinforced if more pressure is exerted on the material. Whether it’s on the instrument panel, door trims, center console or other decorative surfaces, wherever the soft feeling cossets the occupants and their sensations and conveys an impression of luxury and quality, the extremely soft material underlines the premium character of the vehicle.

The Best of Both Worlds
Xpreshn Lux Protect, a design solution which combines the Lux and Protect enhancements, goes one step further still. The material offers the especially soft premium comfort feel of Xpreshn Lux with an improvement in surface scratch resistance by up to 200 percent at the same time. “Only we can offer our customers this combination of actually contradictory properties,” emphasizes Dr. Erhard Barho, Head of Research and Development at Benecke-Kaliko.

The complete F.O.C.U.S. portfolio from Benecke-Kaliko is also available for all Xpreshn and Xpreshn HD products. F.O.C.U.S. stands for Feature Optimized Customer Unique Solutions and consists of specific solutions which offer the customers the greatest possible additional benefits that will enable them to best meet the desires and needs of the respective targeted car buyer market segment. One example is the Surfvis 3D simulation technology with true-to-life visualization which saves development time, effort and tool-change costs.