OREANDA-NEWS. E.ON has entered into an agreement with Procter & Gamble (P&G), to start a high-efficiency heat and power solution for their production site in Gro?-Gerau, Germany.

E.ON Connecting Energies, the business unit of E.ON that offers integrated energy solutions, has planned and will now build, own and operate a combined heat and power plant (CHP) at P&G’s cold remedies and dental care production site. The solution will save approximately 3,000 tons of CO2 per year. The CHP includes a waste heat recovery boiler to produce steam for P&G’s processes. The steam will be used for energy and allow the company to reduce its CO2 output consistent with P&G’s sustainability goals.

The plant will be connected to E.ON Connecting Energies’ 24/7 remote control center in Hamburg, which will improve efficiency of operational maintenance and reduce operating cost significantly. Moreover, E.ON will connect the CHP to their own Virtual Power Plant (VPP), which enables P&G’s local plant to contribute actively to the energy system’s overall stability.

P&G produces well-known brands like Wick, Oral-B, Pampers and Gillette, and operates many similar production sites on a global level. Robert Hienz, CEO of E.ON Connecting Energies, therefore sees many opportunities for optimization in the joint energy partnership: “We are very pleased that a world-leading and well-known company like P&G trusts E.ON as their energy partner. Together, we are investigating further potential to reduce cost, energy and carbon emissions.”

James Turner, the Plant Manager of Gro?-Gerau, comments: “This is a great example on how we can reduce costs and our environmental footprint. Operating sustainably is a business opportunity and is good for our shareholders, consumers, customers and the planet. This agreement with E.ON Connecting Energies is intended to bring a sustainable solution into one of our biggest Germany production sites.”

E.ON Connecting Energies is a member of E.ON Group and specializes in integrated energy solutions for industrial, commercial and public-sector customers. The company designs, finances, installs and operates systems and equipment that deliver lasting reductions in energy consumption and CO2 emissions as well as life-time cost savings.