OREANDA-NEWS. November 24, 2015. Doosan Yonkang Foundation (Chairman Yong Hyun Park) hosted the Doosan Yonkang Research Awards for Surgical Medicine 2015 at the Grand Hilton Seoul, Hongeun-dong, Seoul. The winners of this year’s awards were Seok Weon Seo, clinical assistant professor of General Surgery at Chung-Ang University Hospital; and Kil Yeon Lee, professor of the Department of Surgery at Kyung Hee University Medical Center, who received plaques and prizes worth 20 million won (about \\$17,350) and 10 million won, respectively.

Professor Seok Weon Seo was recognized for “A decision for the surgical removal of liver tumors by predicting the tumor invasions of early hepatocellular carcinoma cells,” a paper which demonstrated that considering a tumor marker for primary liver cancers when making a decision to treat early hepatocellular carcinoma patients leads to a better prognosis. Professor Kil Yeon Lee was recognized for his research paper on “Korea surgical site infection surveillance: the current status and index development for surgical site infections,” which showed that surgical site infections can be prevented by managing risk factors at each surgical site.

The Doosan Yonkang Research Awards for Surgical Medicine were established in 2007 to help develop surgical medicine in Korea and encourage researchers.