OREANDA-NEWS. February 11, 2016. Consumers today expect service on their own terms. Having the power of a screen in the palm of their hand and the convenience of touch-based interactions is the norm, rather than the exception. Convergys Intelligent Voice Portal 9.0 offers consumers the ability to begin an IVR self-service interaction and seamlessly transition to a visual- based interactive SMS conversation. 

According to Gartner, “cloud-based solutions, omnichannel interactions, natural-language speech and the use of mobile devices are forcing enterprises to re-evaluate their approaches to self-service and interactive voice response. IT planners should examine how IVR technology can increase revenue and customer satisfaction.” 

Convergys Intelligent Voice Portal (IVP) 9.0 brings multichannel IVR and visual capabilities to smartphones and web pages supporting WebRTC protocols. The new IVR Anywhere functionality lets mobile users utilize screen-based visual interactions via mobile web pages. Click-to-talk features and visual dynamically generated content combined with the flexibility to transfer to an agent whenever necessary gives mobile users additional communication channel choices and self-service options.

“Great CX happens when companies identify the right engagement strategy and utilize a customer journey-centric approach to reduce customer effort. IVR Anywhere provides companies the ability to ensure channel choice, preference, and personalization,” said Kathy Juve, SVP Marketing and Product Development at Convergys. “We are committed to giving today’s mobile consumers a more satisfying omnichannel experience, while helping business owners reduce costs and increase revenue opportunities.”

IVP 9.0 allows a single IVR application flow to be leveraged for both audio and visual modes, using Convergys’ Interaction Composer graphical application development tools. This simplifies the design, development, and deployment of visual- based applications and maximizes existing application business intelligence.

 IVP 9.0 also expands on the sophisticated reporting capabilities of Business Analytics and provides enhanced visualization and controls of IVR application-specific parameters, such as sales and marketing messages and IVR application parameters that affect the user experience. These features make application business owners more efficient and reduce the risk of errors.

About Convergys Customer Interaction Technologies: For over 30 years, Convergys has provided industry-leading technologies and services that balance customer satisfaction with cost reduction. We combine omnichannel technologies and award-winning Professional Services to deliver effortless, personalized interactions.

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