OREANDA-NEWS. Fire brigades across the Western Downs will benefit from a range of new equipment thanks to continued support from natural gas company QGC.  

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) Deputy Commissioner for Emergency Service Volunteers Mike Wassing said QGC had pledged more than $132,000 to deliver essential firefighting resources, including slip-on units, trailer units and iPads.   

“This generous support has assisted rural fire brigades across the Western Downs to purchase a range of valuable equipment, which will significantly enhance firefighting and rescue operations in the region,” Mr Wassing said.  

“Brigades will benefit from two firefighting trailer units featuring 1000-litre water tanks, a pump and hose reel, and 12 slip-on units, which outfit a standard utility vehicle with the equipment to operate as a basic fire appliance.”  

Mr Wassing said the funds had also allowed a number of brigades to obtain iPads containing innovative operational app, INCSnap.  

“Brigade members will soon receive training in the use of INCSnap, which is an image and short message capture app providing real-time data from an incident ground back into regional and state decision-making processes,” he said.  

“It is already widely used in our Fire and Rescue Brigade operations and will afford rural crews the opportunity to manage images and their co-ordinates from the fire ground in a safe and secure way.” Mr Wassing said the new equipment would go a long way to boost firefighting capabilities in the Western Downs.  

“Our rural firefighters work tirelessly to protect their communities and many of them volunteer their time away from family and work to assist during emergencies,” he said. “Their valuable contributions have already helped save lives and properties this bushfire season.”  

QGC’s Field Operations Manager Angus Hetherington said the relationship between QGC, QFES and regional fire brigades on the ground is a mutually beneficial one.  

“As well as our commitment to being a good neighbour, QGC is a member of the communities that rural fire brigades protect, and we naturally support one another,” Mr Hetherington said.  

“We are lucky to have such a wonderful group of professional and volunteer firefighters to keep our communities and businesses safe.”