OREANDA-NEWS. According to the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT", in 2015 the leader by revenue among non-capital subjects of the Russian Federation became Krasnodar region. Residents of the region have spent on the purchase of new passenger cars 61.8 billion rubles - less by 30.5% than in 2014.

Tatarstan is quite a bit behind by this indicator, where the market size of the market in value terms was 61.2 billion rubles, by loosing on the result of a year ago 34%. The top-three among non-capital regions is closed by Samara region, in which on the purchase of cars it was spent 43.9 billion rubles (-35%). The Top-5 also included the Sverdlovsk (42.8 billion rubles; -42.9%) and Rostov (40.5 billion rubles; -30.9%) regions. Indicators of other non-capital subjects of the Russian Federation are less than 40 billion rubles.

Recall that the most money for the purchase of passenger cars in 2015 in the whole country was spent by the inhabitants of Moscow (346 billion rubles) and Moscow (130 billion rubles). St. Petersburg is following them in terms of revenue (122 billion rubles).