OREANDA-NEWS. February 15, 2016. Cargill India has opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for Envirotemp™ FR3 fluid in Kurkumbh, in the state of Maharashtra. The dielectric fluid, which was previously imported from the United States, will now be manufactured in India by using Cargill’s patented technology. The FR3 fluid that is manufactured in India will meet the specifications of international standards like IEC and IEEE.

In line with the Indian government initiative of “Make in India”, the new manufacturing facility reinforces Cargill’s commitment to the India market. The investment will support the development of fire-safe and reliable electrical transmission and distribution networks in India.

Commenting on the announcement, Cargill India Chairman Siraj Chaudhry said, ”Interest for dielectric fluid such as Envirotemp™ FR3™ fluid is expanding because companies in India are looking for compelling arrangements that combine operational efficiencies with ecological advantage. With the domestic production of FR3 fluid, we are bringing a unique solution that meets international standards to our customers locally. This is a good example of our long history of customer collaboration and commitment to local manufacturing.” In addition, with the set-up of the manufacturing facility, Cargill India is looking to secure a larger share of the 2 lakh tonnes dielectric fluids market.”

The FR3 natural ester fluid is built on the pillars of lower cost and increased performance, improved fire safety and enhanced environmental benefits such as biodegradability and carbon neutrality (according to BEES 4.0 lifecycle analysis). Its effectiveness at high temperatures translates into increased transformer load capacity and extended asset life, which can provide significant cost savings. It has more than twice the flash and fire points as a mineral oil making, which contribute to enhanced fire security for India’s densely populated and congested areas. FR3 fluid is biodegradable, non-toxic and non- hazardous in soil and water. As FR3 fluid is produced from renewable sources, it is carbon neutral resulting in 56 times less carbon emissions compared to mineral oil.

Cargill India is also participating in the world electricity forum - ELECRAMA 2016 in Bangalore where it will showcase its FR3 fluid.