OREANDA-NEWS. February 15, 2016. A basic document regulating social-labour relationships between employees and the employee was signed by the director general of Dalur JSC Nikolay Poponin and chairman of the Labour Collective Board of the enterprise Vyacheslav Yurin. The social-labour relationship settlement commission has worked under the text of the new collective agreement for several months.

Nikolay Poponin and Vyacheslav Yurin particularly noted that the collective agreement was signed for three years, what gives additional confidence to employees in long-term validity of all preferences, benefits and social guarantees. The document included all previously applicable programs Voluntary Medical Insurance of Employees, Voluntary Accident and Illness Insurance, Sanitary-Resort Treatment of Employees and their Children, childrens recreation, Providing Assistance to Employees, Providing Assistance to Employees in Housing Conditions Improvement, Providing Social Support to Non-Working Pensioners, Arrangement of Sports and Cultural Events and Non-State Pension Provision of Employees.

At the extended meeting of the Labour Collective Board a conclusion was made that all provisions of the previous Collective Agreement had been fulfilled in full by Dalur JSC in 2015. The final report states in particular that annual social expenses per one employee grow constantly. For example, in 2011 they amounted to 46 thous. RUB, in 2014 50 thous. RUB.

Under the current 2016-2018 Collective Agreement, Dalur JSC will continue to fulfill its obligations for corporate social programs. In particular, Dalur JSC will continue to make pension contributions for employees who participate or will decide to participate in non-state pension provision programs. In 2015 the amount of the pension contributions made was 4.755 mln RUB.