OREANDA-NEWS. Ltd. "Borodino Machinery and Repair Plant" (BRMZ) is testing a new type of repair work. The company is finalizing the repair of TEM-18 locomotive for Luchegorsky open pit mine in the Primorsky Territory.

TEM-18 locomotive has been produced by Bryansk Engineering Plant since 1992. These locomotives are designed for shunting, clean up and easy long-distanceworks. They are widely used in the Russian railways, as well as in large industrial enterprises.

So far, Borodino RMZ has specialized in the repair of locomotives TEM-7. By its construction specifics, TEM-18 is similar to TEM-2, which Borodino employees are also experienced in. As explained by the company's specialists, for works they are studying the technical documentation, use the data from the Internet and establish contacts with operators.

Some spare parts and components are made by factory workers on their own thanks to modern equipment, delivered to the plant under the investment program of SUEK, such as a plasma cutting machine and other machines with numerical control. Various test rigs are actively involved in the production process. Only parts for the diesel group are bought from a third-party.

After completion of the renovation of the first TEM-18, the factory workers will begin to repair the second locomotive: BRMZ won the tender for the repair of two machines of this modification.Luchegortsy has cooperated with Borodino experts for many years now and know that the repaired machinery will serve faithfully for many years. And for RMP development of new services are new perspectives.

- "Firstly, this is the increased range of products, and thus empowering our company", - says Deputy Director of Ltd. Borodino RMZ Sergei Kozubov. - "Secondly, it is a unique experience that our employees receive, this is a search for new design solutions that will further allow us to undertake repairs of all types of locomotives".