OREANDA-NEWS. February 18, 2016. The Lincoln Motor Company continues its ad campaign featuring Matthew McConaughey with a new TV spot for the 2016 Lincoln Navigator. Called Time to Eat, the ad premiered Monday tonight during the Grammy awards.

Along with showcasing the 2016 Navigator as a powerful protector, McConaughey plays alpha dog in a lighthearted way as he interacts with some canine friends along on a road trip.

Time to Eat is directed by Academy Award-nominated Gus Van Sant, who also worked on TV spots for the all-new Lincoln MKX. The new ad highlights the unique approach Van Sant brings to the luxury brand.

Gus really understood how to bring the story of the Lincoln Navigator to life, said Jon Pearce, executive vice president and global chief creative officer for the ad agency Hudson Rouge. The setting, our canine passengers and some pithy dialogue all work together to tell the story of the type of person who likes to drive a Navigator.

In a departure from ads for Lincoln MKZ and MKZ Hybrid, MKC and MKX, McConaughey is piloting the 2016 Navigator during the day, on a rural road. And this time, two passengers are along for the ride a German shorthair pointer and a Weimaraner.

The ad plays on a scenario familiar to all road trippers where to eat, and who gets to decide. McConaughey advises his passengers that hes the one whos walking on two legs and hes doing all the driving.

Lincoln and I wanted the new ad to be more lighthearted and fun, so when they pitched the 'driving with dogs' idea I was in. People love their dogs, I've got three myself, and yes, I, like most of you, even talk to them," said McConaughey.

Wherein McConaughey is portrayed as self-made, assertive and powerful, Time to Eat showcases Navigator as a protector. The interior is warm and inviting, featuring room for the family, including pets, to enjoy the ride in luxury whether its a long trip for a weekend of camping or heading across town for a ballgame. The visuals convey the tagline, More Room for the Things That Matter.

Navigator is a luxurious, capable vehicle, said John Emmert, Lincoln group marketing manager. So we wanted to show its abundant space more room for the things that matter. The dogs add an element of fun..

In another departure from earlier TV spots, Time to Eat features McConaughey now interacting with passengers rather than voicing a monologue. The new ad serves to evolve the Lincoln story of quiet luxury as the latest in a campaign that has increased awareness and sales and helped to drive success for the brand.