OREANDA-NEWS.  Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has summed up results of Autopay service that allows its users to automatically top up mobile account by a card of any world bank. The number of Autopay users has increased two-fold over 2015 and reached 3.2 mn clients.

In 2015, the service was most actively connected by residents of Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Voronezh and St. Petersburg. In each of the listed regions, the number of payments reaches 300 thou per month.

The Autopay service is most popular among subscribers who actively use mobile services and want to maintain a positive account balance. With the option connected, Tele2 subscribers will never see a negative account balance and may continuously use mobile services, which results in a higher ARPU (Average Revenue per User) indicator. Autopay users show an ARPU that exceeds a similar indicator among other Tele2 clients by 6%.

The Autopay service provides Tele2 subscribers with an opportunity to automatically top up mobile account when the remaining sum drops to a threshold amount, which can be 10, 30, 50, 100, 300 and 500 rubles depending on the choice of subscribers. Autopay users may also set up a payment on schedule and choose a day and time of the next top-up themselves.

In 2016, Tele2 will continue actively developing their service. Thus, the operator has launched an action “Bonus for automatic payment”. All subscribers who will connect an option on 1 February 2016 will get a bonus over two months – 10% of automatic payments.

Additional information

Autopay is a convenient, reliable and safe service used to automatically top up the Tele2 mobile account when the remaining amount drops to a limit. Connection to the service is free, no commission is charged for the Autopay use. The service is provided in inter-network, national and international roaming.

Autopay may be activated on several mobile phones. Besides, the service allows a card owner to top up not only his own mobile account but also accounts of his relatives and closed ones.

Tele2 and Sberbank launched the Autopay service in autumn 2012. In April 2014 Autopay became available to more clients thanks to partnership between Tele2 and VTB24.

One may activate the Autopay service on autopay.tele2.ru or on the Personal Account page at my.tele2.ru.