OREANDA-NEWS. The new joint airline «Russia» creates a branch on the Rostov-on-Don base of the «DONAVIA» subsidiary.

The creation of a branch of «Russia» in Rostov-on-Don is the next step for the formation of a unique powerful regional transport service within «Aeroflot» Group as a result of a merger of three subsidiary airlines of the Group — «Russia», «DONAVIA» and «Orenburg airlines».

The branch in Rostov-on-Don will consist of three divisions: flight squad, cabin crew team and an administrative department. Due to the current economic viability and the load level of the Rostov air-traffic, three «Russia» aircrafts of type A319, will be based in the capital of the Southern Federal District, with 150 people on maintenance (including the production, technical and administrative staff). Also, about 450 pilots and flight attendants will receive offers of employment at the head office of JSC «Russia» airline» in St. Petersburg, since the flight squad of the A319 aircrafts family will be based in the northern capital. The aircrafts of this type will form the majority of the «DONAVIA» park.

Staff from the administrative bloc of «DONAVIA» will be proposed a chance to work on a general basis as a result of interviews with PJSC «Aeroflot», including in branches in the south of Russia, in accordance with the list of existing vacant posts.

Staff-reduction will touch excess administrative and economic staff of the airline, which actually make up for more than a quarter of «DONAVIA» employees.

The only regional transporter «Russia», will retain its base in St. Petersburg (Pulkovo airport) and will have three branches – in Rostov-on-Don, Moscow and Orenburg. Also, the Southern Federal district will become one of the priorities in the airline’s development process. The creation of a unique regional air-transport provider, «Russia» on the base of its subsidiaries «Russia», «DONAVIA» and ORENAIR within «Aeroflot» Group is a strategic state project. The decision to merge was taken in September 2015 by the Board of directors of PJSC «Aeroflot», where 8 of 11 members are government representatives.