OREANDA-NEWS. According to the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT", as of 01.01.2016, there were 40,850,000 passenger cars in Russia.

If we consider the age structure, then about half of the park (49%) - are cars that are older than 10 years. The largest share of the park – is belonged to vehicles produced in 2008 (7.2%). There are the least number of cars of 2009 manufacture year (2.5%).

In branding structure of park of passenger cars in Russia the leader is the domestic LADA, which holds 33.8% share. The top-five also includes: Toyota (8,7%), Nissan (4,6%), Chevrolet and Hyundai (by 3.8%). In addition, the shares of the parks of Renault, Volkswagen, KIA and Ford are also more than 3%. The last in the top-10 among brands is Mitsubishi (2,7%).

We should note that a dozen of leading brands occupies more than 70% of the Russian car parc.