OREANDA-NEWS. According to the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT", the largest share of sales of new passenger cars falls on foreign cars, produced in Russia. At the end of 2015 their share reached 59% in the Russian market, sales were about 880 thousand units. At the same time this figure was 33% back in 2010.
If the share of foreign cars assembled in Russia grew steadily the last six years, then the imported foreign cars had the reverse process. So, in 2010 they occupied the largest market share (35%), and now they own only 22% (about 330 thousand units).

However, this figure is even less at the domestic brands (LADA and UAZ), which have 19% of total sales (about 290 thousand units). We also note that six years ago the Russian brands occupied 32% of the market.

As the director of "AUTOSTAT" analytic agency, Sergey Tselikov, says, it is a quite natural process: over the last few years, many foreign automakers have opened assembly sites in our country, and import of cars to Russia fell.